Lifestyle in Adelaide


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is the fifth largest city in Australia. It is renowned for its well planned city streets with parks and gardens strategically placed throughout the city – ask the 1.1 million Adelaide residents, and they would say it is definitely a livable city.

Among the Defence population, Adelaide is also known as one of the Defence capitals of Australia with a large proportion of Army, Airforce and Navy members calling it home.

There are three main Army Barracks: Keswick, Warradale and Woodside, all within 40 minutes of the CBD. The Navy Headquarters are also located at Keswick Barracks and RAAF Base Edinburgh is located north of the city in the Salisbury council area. The Defence Science & Technology Organisation is also located at Salisbury adjacent to the RAAF Base, approximately 30km north of the city.

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) manages over 1200 homes for Defence members and their families in the South Australian capital. Houses are located mostly in the northern part of the city and have first rate access to schools, transport, shopping facilities and recreational activities. They are almost exclusively freestanding, single-storey homes appropriately sized for families, averaging 400-600 sq. metres.

With such a large Defence population in Adelaide, there are lots of support services for Defence families. In addition to Defence Families Australia and the Defence Community Organisation, the Woodside Defence Family Association and North East Defence Community Group offer facilities and community programs such as a Community House, Craft group, walking groups, playgroups and social clubs.


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