ADF Cadets – personal development program


The Australian Defence Force Cadets (ADF Cadets) program is conducted by the Australian Defence Force in cooperation with the community.

This combined approach benefits the nation by developing an individual’s capacity to contribute to society, fostering an interest in Defence Force careers, and developing ongoing support for Defence. Goals include:

*Conduct a creative personal development program in a military environment that:
*Extends individuals beyond their self imposed limits,
*Develops an understanding of the balance between personal freedoms and choice and the responsibilities that they bring,
*Promotes self reliance, self esteem and self discipline, and
*Develops and recognises a broad range of skills including leadership and teamwork.

The ADF Cadets program also contributes to social development by:

* Encouraging pride in self, community and the nation, and equipping young people to be better citizens,
*Encouraging a volunteer ethos,
*Developing work and life skills, and
*Providing a supportive, safe environment.

Cadets also contribute to the development of the ADF through:

*Enhancing Defence’s reputation,
*Maintaining Service customs traditions and values,
*Understanding what Defence does, and
*Demonstrating a return on the Defence Organisation’s investment by promoting career opportunities within Defence.

To join cadets applicants need to:

*Be a resident of Australia.
*Be between 12 and a half for Navy Cadets and Army Cadets or 13 for Air Force Cadets and 18. You can stay as a cadet until one day before you turn 20.
*Provide a statement from your doctor confirming you are able to participate in cadet activities.
*Not be a member of any other Cadet force or the Australian Defence Force.
*Complete an application form signed by your parent or guardian.

Once an application is received, the unit Commander will arrange an interview to discuss activities and commitment.

Cadets are expected to show commitment by attending activities for a reasonable period of time. Cadets may leave at any time but personal satisfaction is best achieved if individuals show a keen interest in progressing through the programs.

To join up as a Cadet, find the location of your nearest Unit and contact the commander during the hours the Unit meets.


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