Articles about Defence, Families, Career and Transition issues


Detailed content in DefenceLife enables informed decision making for Servicemen and women and their families. Articles in the magazine are of a general nature and aim to identify issues facing Defence personnel and support that is available. The objective is not to be authoritative but rather encourage further enquiry of Government and Service organisations that can provide individual attention dependent upon circumstances.

Areas covered in DefenceLife include:

    Detailed content enables informed decision making

  • Defence families on the move
  • Moving to a new posting and new locality
  • Defence Community Organisation
  • Employment assistance for partners
  • Support for Defence families
  • Dealing with deployments
  • Health & Child Care
  • Educating children & Childcare services
  • Education and Defence families
  • Helping children adjust to a new school
  • State by State Education guide
  • Childcare services stat-by-state
  • Adapting to lifestyle changes
  • Lifestyle choices across the ADF
  • Helping families settle into a new locality
  • State by State events guide, what’s on and what’s hot

It’s also about Career options and eventual Transition to civilian life.

Defence personnel and their families need to manage their careers while in the Defence Forces and plan for the time when they leave to take up a new life and employment in the civilian sector. DefenceLife provides information and advice on how to manage two careers: the present one within the ADF, and a new career in ‘civvy street’. Effective management enables success during a military career leading to a smooth transition to civilian life.

Articles in the magazine cover career and transition issues, including:

  • Career progression and options
  • Education & Training opportunities to enhance careers
  • Achieving civilian equivalents in Defence training
  • Options to switch careers while in the Defence Force
  • Adapting to life after the Defence Forces
  • Effective transition preparation for ‘civvy street’
  • Getting the right job and having employment options
  • Planning for a new career in a new organisation

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