Australian Army


The Australian Army is a world class, cutting-edge military force, comprised of professional men and women who provide a versatile and modern team, protecting our country, our interests and our people.

The land force operates in a more complex strategic environment than that of just a couple of years ago. Threats can now come from a variety of unexpected sources, not necessarily associated with traditional warfare.

While times may have changed, the fundamental mission of the Army remains steadfast: to win the land battle, and protect the interests of Australia and its people.

To achieve this objective the Army has built a formidable reputation based upon teamwork, tradition, pride, courage, initiative and commitment to excellence.

The Australian Army regularly deploys on domestic and global operations. Currently there are Army personnel carrying out a variety of humanitarian, peacekeeping and regional assistance missions in areas across the globe. Success is founded in comprehensive and world-class training. Major exercises form an essential part of this process by testing people and capability, ensuring that the Army continues to be a world leading armed force.

The future land force will be shaped by the Army’s modernisation process, involving the transformation of the current Army into the Future Army, such that Army remains a capable, credible, and relevant force.

Modernisation includes the development and adoption of validated concepts and doctrine, adaptation and optimisation of force structures, and introduction and renewal of major systems, policies, facilities and support architectures.

A major element of this transformation is Plan BEERSHEBA – the Army’s future structure.

Since the days of the Light Horse, the Australian Army has operated by combining different capabilities to the best military effect. This process, known as combined arms teaming, is foundational to Army and a vital component of the changes planned.

Implementing these changes will present its challenges, but there is a sound conceptual basis for Plan BEERSHEBA.

Commonality of force structure, the ‘total force’ concept, digitisation and the development of training areas proximate to Multirole Combat Brigade locations will increase the modularity and interoperability of the land force.

In concert with these changes, the experience and high calibre of Army’s people and the flexibility of the force generation cycle will be the basis of an agile and adaptable, world class fighting force.

The Australian Army strives to keep pace with changes in technology and the character of war itself. Through a robust modernisation and planning program, Army remains a highly regarded, professional organisation that can meet the future needs of the Australian Government.


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