Beyond school – study options


In Australia, higher education is the sector that offers university-level education, that is, at degree level and above. The Commonwealth, state and territory governments share responsibility for the sector.

Higher education courses are those leading to the award of an associate degree, bachelors degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters degree or doctoral degree.

Some courses leading to the award of a diploma or advanced diploma may also be accredited as higher education courses. School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships provide a pathway for students to successfully transition from school to work.

The apprenticeships and traineeships aim to provide students with an increased ability to perform in the workplace, leading to increased career choices and opportunities to transition from school to full-time apprenticeships, employment or further education and training.

The Vocational Education in Schools (VETiS) Program gives students the opportunity to try a particular profession while still at school. By participating in this program they learn about the skills and requirements of a particular job at school or through a local registered training provider, and can complete a number of work placements during the year.


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