Defence Child Care Program


The Defence Child Care Program facilitates access to child care for Defence families in their new posting locality, when the local community is unable to meet demand.

The Defence Child Care Program facilitates access to centre based, family day care and outside school hours care for Defence members and their families. The Program currently operates 19 Long Day Care Centres and three Out of School Hours facilities which are managed on behalf of Defence under contract by Mission Australia Early Learning Services (MAELS).

There is also a child care at Victoria Barracks in Melbourne managed by an independent management committee that offers priority to Defence members. Access to places at Defence child care centres is determined through the application of the Defence Priority of Access Guidelines. This enables Defence families to have priority to available places in these centres, ahead of other families. The guidelines emphasise and support the requirement for Defence families to relocate for Service reasons (referred to as mobility) as the principal driver for child care provision. This is achieved through applying a point system based on family composition and mobility.

The Mission Australia Early Learning Services staff in each Defence Child Care Centre maintain waiting lists for care and offer child care places according to these guidelines.


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