Defence Families of Australia


Defence Families of Australia (DFA) is the official body appointed by government to represent the views of Defence Families. Its aim is to inform government and Defence on the needs of the family.

DFA’s goal is to ensure quality of life for all Defence families by providing a recognised forum for the views of Defence families and, by reporting, making recommendations and influencing policy that directly affects families. In turn, this enhances the capability of the Australian Defence Force.

ADF families can contact DFA to represent them regarding an individual situation or to advocate an issue concerning many families.
DFA is made up of Defence spouses, and the organisation relies on the generosity of Defence spouses to offer their time to support the Defence community through DFA.
Volunteering for DFA is a valuable and rewarding experience and makes a huge difference to improving the conditions of our unique lifestyle and our Defence community.
Mobility means that DFA has a regular turnover of volunteers, as families post in and out of locations. Living the lifestyle, spouses are well placed to represent other families from all over Australia.
DFA representatives have worked energetically to improve conditions for Defence families particularly in the areas of relocations, housing policy, spouse employment and children’s education.
DFA is recognised by Defence and its stakeholders to provide feedback on views and interests of ADF families.
The Convenor and volunteer Delegates work directly with Regional Managers and local Commanding Officers to clarify or resolve issues affecting families.
The Convenor meets regularly with the Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, the Chief of the Defence Force, and the Heads of Defence Departments to report and make recommendations on behalf of ADF families.
DFA consults with Defence’s own support agencies, such as the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and the National Welfare Coordination Centre (NWCC), but acts only as an advocate, not as a support provider.
Defence families can contact DFA to represent them regarding an individual situation, or to act as an advocate on an issue concerning many families.
Defence Families of Australia celebrated 25 years of representing Defence Families in Government and Defence forums during 2011 by holding a series of events and publishing a book, Voices.


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