DHA offers leasing opportunities


Property is one of the most solid and secure investments available. Defence Housing Australia offers you the opportunity to avoid many of the risks and worries associated with conventional residential property investment.

As property professionals DHA can offer a leasing package that suits the needs of most investors. You will benefit from DHA’s medium to long term leases, reliable rent, restoration provisions at lease end and DHA Property Care services.

When evaluating your property, DHA ensures that it complies with the minimum housing standards and rental guidelines set by the Department of Defence. Properties must also match DHA’s desired property profile and requirements for leasing in a particular location.

Initial lease terms are generally three or six years, although longer terms may be negotiated. During the term of your lease DHA undertakes all property management, including inspections and reporting on your behalf. The lease includes restoration provisions to ensure your property is returned in good order at the end of the lease.

Where the total lease term is six years or more, DHA will paint the property internally. Where the lease exceeds nine years DHA will also replace carpet and paint the property externally. www.dha.gov.au


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