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Cats are in heaven at Windrest Cattery Boutique

Dennice and Robert, owners of the award winning premium cattery boutique, understand the pressure of ensuring your feline family member(s) is safely moved interstate. They work with Jetpets, Pet Express or others, and they are actively involved on moving day.

At Windrest, cat guests stay in bespoke cage-free villas measuring a whopping 9 metres in length by 2.5 metres in depth, which means a family of one, two or more can easily stay together.

As Dennice explains, “for any interstate guests we confirm with the Carrier one day prior to arrival, and we take a photo of the driver, as well as ID. On arrival day we also take photos of the cats, then forward via SMS or email to the pet’s parent, and conduct an initial calmness check. We offer Catnip plus Catmint (as well as water, feed) to provide a sense of calmness and well being. For daily food, we are very happy to match the current diet whether this is raw kangaroo meat, Royal Canin, Hills

Science Diet, Fancy Feast or Whiskers.”

The day starts early at Windrest, as cat guests are greeted at around 6.30 am. Litter trays and water are replaced, while any floor material is removed. Then food and water mats are changed, with all dry food placed in a clean tray along with some other special treats. Mellow music is piped through each cat villa.

Then the cat guests are cuddled, massaged and brushed. Each has 15 minutes of me playtime; cat games include hide and seek with mouse, ball and chain and strobe light chasey. Cats can enjoy their individual outdoor courtyards where they will hear birds and see sheep; each can relax, climb their skywalk or play in the tunnel.

Carers conduct an afternoon walk through the cattery to freshen all litter trays and water bowls. This is followed by cat naps, more brushing, and an optional photographic session. Dinner arrives from 5.30pm to 6.30pm; piped music is resumed unless continued viewing of movies is preferred. There’s a final inspection of all cat guests between 8.30 and 9.30pm to ensure all is well.

To say this is a holiday destination for cats that have got the cream would be an understatement. And just think, Watsonia Army Barracks is easily serviced and it is even closer to HMAS Cerberus.