Early Phase of Learning


The Early Phase of Learning, Prep to Year 3, introduces children to the world of formal education. Education Queensland aims to provide positive experiences that engage young minds and promote positive dispositions to lifelong learning.

State primary schools offer a full-time, non-compulsory Preparatory Year of education before Year 1. Children must turn five by 30 June in the year they begin the Preparatory Year. The Preparatory Year is not compulsory. Parents may choose to keep their children at home or to send them to an alternative early childhood education and care service.

Children must be six by 30 June in the year they enrol in Year 1.


Education Queensland is committed to ensuring that all students develop a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy in the early years as a basis for progress in all future learning. As they progress through schooling, students should develop effective literacy and numeracy skills to support successful participation in the post-school years in training, work, or further study.

In order to ensure that all learners reach their potential in literacy and numeracy, schools have programs to monitor the performance of those at risk of falling behind and to provide targeted support.

All students are monitored throughout Years 1 to 3 and those not making adequate progress by the middle of Year 2 receive additional classroom support.


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