Defence partners have a PEEP


The Partner Education & Employment Program (PEEP) is a Defence funded program developed to provide a comprehensive range of education and employment initiatives to assist partners of ADF members become job ready and access the workforce when posted.

Under Tier 1 of PEEP, Defence-recognised ADF partners will be eligible for a one off Education and Employment Allowance to the value of $12,000 for a period of ten years to cover all the following initiatives: Superannuation set up. Professional Employment Assistance. Education and Training (tertiary or vocational). Personalised Resume Preparation. Professional Re-registration Expense Payments. Child care

The funding is capped at $6,000 per posting for the agreed initiatives. Existing funding caps have been removed apart from child care which remains capped at $250 per child per year and the requirement for training to be completed within 12 months has been eliminated to allow partners to undertake tertiary education to develop a longer term career option. Partners are encouraged to undertake tertiary studies through Open Universities Australia. This permits partners to continue their education wherever they may be posted. Partners may also enrol in one unit of study or an entire degree.

Assistance under PEEP will attract Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) that may affect government payments such as family payments, HECS, Medicare levy and child support obligations. Under Tier 2 of PEEP, partners may receive an in-financial year ‘one-off’ payment of up to $3000 which can be used for vocational courses, up to and including first time undergraduate courses. Tier 2 is available to the partners of Private to Sergeant (or equivalent) enlisted ranks and Lieutenant to Captain (and equivalent) officer ranks.

To receive assistance under PEEP the following eligibility criteria must be met: You must be recognised as a partner of a full time ADF member or Reservist on continuous full time service (CFTS). Where the partner is also an ADF member or a reservist on CFTS no entitlement to PEEP exists. The $12,000 allowance is a one off allowance valid for ten years and is irrespective of whether the applicant has a recognized relationship with more than one member.

Assistance under PEEP must be taken up within two years of moving to your posting. It is not available to partners of ADF members who are relocating on discharge.


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