Healthy body + Healthy mind


The World Health Organisation defines good health as ‘a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Accordingly, Defence acknowledges that the mental and social areas of our lives are just as important as our physical bodies.

The Australian Defence Force Mental Health Strategy seeks to reinforce the concept of ‘well being’ in life for members and their families. It recognises that mental health is not just related to diagnosable mental disorders, but covers a broad range of lifestyle, mental wellbeing and job performance factors.

The strategy has a primary focus on prevention and evidence-based treatment to maximise retention and enhance the quality of life for Defence personnel. This strategy involves an educational campaign for ADF personnel and early intervention and preventative strategies for the ADF. It promotes programs that improve self-esteem, encourage a positive outlook and a feeling of acceptance and belonging. For further information visit the ADF Mental Health Strategy website, which contains various resources, fact sheets and mental health contacts.

For confidential advice, call the All Hours Support Line: 1800 628 036 (FREECALL within Australia)


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