How do I become recognised as a Defence partner


Official recognition of a partner (dependant) by the Australian Defence Force is necessary to access certain benefits including relocation, housing and support services.

The process of being recognised as a Defence partner is known as Recognition as a Dependant. The process is open to spouses (married) or interdependent partners (de facto), including same sex partners.

A spouse or independent partner must normally have lived with the ADF member for a continuous period of no less than 90 days before making the application. A spouse must provide evidence of marriage.

Documentation needed to recognise an interdependent partnership for a member includes a Statutory Declaration plus four items of documentary evidence. The evidence must show that you have lived with the member together on a permanent basis in a bona fide, domestic, interdependent partnership for a period of not less than 90 continuous days; and have maintained a common household.

Why nominating Next of Kin is important to partners?

All ADF members are required to list a Next of Kin in the Defence Human Resources Database, PMKeys. If there is no recognised partner, Next of Kin may be an unrecognised partner, parent or friend.

Next of Kin are entitled to Defence support in the event of an emergency. It is extremely important to ensure that Next of Kin information on the PMKeys Database is up to date, including current addresses and phone numbers.

Remember to call the National Welfare Coordination Centre on 1800 801 026 to update your details if you go on holiday during the ADF member’s deployment period.


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