Kakadu National Park


No visit to the Top End can ever be complete unless you experience the magnificent Kakadu National Park. It is supremely beautiful and immensely important for its Aboriginal history and unique ecology.

World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park boasts more than 1,000 Aboriginal rock art sites making it one of Australia’s most important cultural treasures.
The 19,000 square kilometre park is 260km east of Darwin on the sealed Arnhem Highway. Most accessible in the dry season from May to September, it is at its most spectacular in the Wet as evening storms deluge the land creating massive lakes teaming with birdlife. Though you may not be able to see the entire park’s most beautiful places, such as Jim Jim and Twin Falls, any time is the right time to go to Kakadu.

To find out more about this wonderful place in Australia’s history and landscape, go to: www.tourismnt.com.au


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