Queensland Core Skills Test


Each year the Queensland Studies Authority conducts a common statewide test designed for Year 12 students.

The QCS Test contributes information for the calculation of Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs), which are used to rank students for tertiary entrance. While the QCS test is not compulsory, those Year 12 students who are eligible for a Tertiary Entrance Statement must sit the test.

A student’s individual QCS test result is not used on its own in the calculation of their OP – instead, group results are used as part of the statistical scaling processes. A student’s individual result on the QCS Test is reported on the student’s Senior Statement or Statement of Results.

The QCS Test is drawn from the Common Curriculum Elements (CCEs), a set of generic skills identified in the Queensland senior curriculum that students work with across their subjects. The test assumes that candidates have basic levels of general knowledge and vocabulary and a Year 10 knowledge of mathematical operations.

The Test consists of 4 papers – a Writing Task (of 600 words), a Short Response paper and two Multiple Choice papers. The results achieved for each of the 4 test papers are combined into one grade, ranging from A to E. Those sitting the test are asked to respond to a variety of stimulus materials, such as prose passages, poetry, graphs, tables, maps, mathematical and scientific data, cartoons and artistic works.

Year 12 students who are eligible for an OP must sit the test. Year 12 students who are ineligible for an OP may choose to sit the test.


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