Toll Transitions’ Relocations Service


Toll Transitions offers a range of services to help you to move to your new posting or to relocate should you have a Change in Personal Circumstances.

A Toll Transitions Case Manager will assist you with organising all your relocation requirements, including: arranging your removal(s) and storage; booking your travel and temporary accommodation; and calculating and arranging payments/reimbursement of your relocation allowances and entitlements

You are encouraged to submit your Application for Relocation (AFR) documentation online. The Department of Defence sets the policy for ADF member relocation. Please refer to the ADF Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN) to familiarise yourself with your relocation entitlements.

If you are relocating on a posting, your Posting Order is the authority for your removal entitlement. Toll Transitions receives Posting Orders automatically from Defence however from time to time it may not have been received and you may be required to provide a copy for your move.

If your relocation is as a result of a Change in Personal Circumstances, you will be required to provide Toll Transitions with supporting documentation to enable your entitlement to removal to be assessed and approved.

Upon receipt of your Posting Order from Defence, Toll Transitions will send to you a Pre-Application for Relocation (Pre-AFR) letter. The Pre-AFR enables you to notify us of your plans to move including providing tentative move dates. Pre-AFR information also gives Defence Housing Australia (DHA) advance notification of your intent to vacate & occupy a residence.

Defence implemented a Whole of Relocation Cost model (WORC) for all domestic relocations within Australia from August 2013.

If there are valid reasons that dictate you must uplift on your preferred date, you must complete this form, gain unit approval and submit it with your AFR.

Once your Application for Relocation (AFR) has been submitted Toll will determine the most cost effective date within the week of your preferred date and confirm with you within approximately two weeks.

During your posting, Toll Transitions’ online relocation system allows you to input, update and maintain your removal inventory details providing you with a current record of your goods.  It also allows you to re-use your inventory, should you relocate again.


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