Transfers Interstate


The Interstate Student Data Transfer Note (ISDTN) is a national system for the transfer of student information between schools when children move from one state to another. This national system enables the student’s new school to place and support that student in a timely manner, with the use of accurate information from the previous school.

Curriculum resource lists and a prospectus containing detailed information on school policies, courses, and enrolment procedures are available from schools. When transferring children between schools, especially interstate:

•  consider timing – will the move coincide with the change of term?
•  involve your children in discussions and decisions about moving – this may help allay any fears or concerns they have if you are moving from another state.
•  discuss the forthcoming move with your current school and collect documentation outlining student achievement levels and education history – this will help with placement at the new school
•  prepare a list of your children’s particular needs – e.g. preferred subjects, sporting and other interests, transport needs, extracurricular activities
•  consider subject choices, special education provisions, transport to and from school, traineeship programs, and cultural and sporting opportunities
•  consider behaviour management, discipline and uniform policies, the school buildings and grounds.

All education authorities (including the non-government sector) have implemented this national approach to transferring students between schools.


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