Year 10: SET-ting the Scene for Senior


A Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan) helps students structure their learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions. As part of the planning process, students think about their future, consider their abilities and investigate their options for careers and further education.

Year 10 is an important juncture in a young person ‘s life. As young people enter the senior phase of learning they will experience new types of learning and take on more responsibility for their learning. They will also have opportunities to think about future careers, begin to set goals, and undertake planning to realise their ambitions.

SET Planning is a formal process for young people (usually in Year 10) to develop a personal plan of action that guides them in their senior phase of learning, with help from their school/learning provider and parents. The student, their parents or carers, and the school meet to develop the SET Plan, which details what, where and how a student will study during their senior phase of learning (usually Years 11 and 12).

The plan is finalised by the end of Year 10. The process for creating SET Plans helps young people learn about themselves, set realistic goals and explore how to achieve those goals. It is a great way to help young people take responsibility for their future.

SET Plans help young people establish the necessary path to achieve their career goals by working towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement), Certificate III or IV vocational qualification and/or a viable employment option.


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